Jenna Sholinder | Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Jenna Sholinder grew up in the lowerBio Picture mainland in a home that centered on food and family. Healthy, home grown food was always on the table and so Jenna has always had an interest in cooking, nutrition and wellness. She discovered the power that healthy, real food had at healing her own health issues and wanted to share that knowledge with others. Jenna received her Registered Holistic Nutritionist designation from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and runs her practice with a client centric approach. Her goal is to work as a team to find the easiest fixes for her clients that pack the most nutritional punch. She believes that everyone is capable of optimal health without giving up the enjoyment of food.

Jenna works with Evoke as well as running a food and wellness blog ( She runs a general practice which allows her to assist her clients in many ways. Nutrition can help people achieve optimal digestion, regain control of their blood sugar, lose weight or gain lean muscle, counteract the effects of inflammatory conditions, eat well on a budget and generally “heal the body through food”. Jenna has a keen interest in pre-natal health and believes that a healthy pregnancy is the key to a healthy and happy next generation.

Outside of Evoke you can find Jenna hiking with her dog and husband, at a farmers market, tasting local craft beer, tending to her veggie garden or testing a new recipe in her kitchen.